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Best Times of the Year to Fish

When is the best time to plan a fishing trip on the Kristy Lynn? It all depends on which species you want to catch, and whether you are looking for size or quantity. Here's a month-by-month summary of the fishing season:

March and April

Weather permitting, fishing usually gets underway during the third week of March with strong Coho Salmon action. A typical catch would include 20–30 Coho Salmon, with each fish averaging 2–5 lbs. During the end of April, Steelheads (Rainbows) will also be part of the catch.

April 1–May 1 Perch Fishing

Most trips will reach the limit of 15 Perch per person. We provide light-action fishing poles, or you can bring your own pole. We use 8 lb.-or-less test fishing line. We have weights, hooks and bait. If we reach the Perch limit during your trip, we will fish for Salmon during the remaining time. You can also book a combination Perch/Salmon fishing trip for 8 hours.


You'll find Coho Salmon action in May, with many groups reaching their limit of catch. You'll reel in a lot of Steelhead, along with some Brown Trout and Lake Trout. The Coho Salmon average 3­–7 lbs., and the Lake Trout range from 4–20 lbs. This is some of the most exciting fishing available in freshwater. The majority of the Rainbows spend more time in the air than in the water when you reel them in!


In early June, Lake Trout begin to move toward the "hill," and fast Coho and Steelhead action continues in our offshore waters. While Lake Trout avg. 8–15 lbs., it is not uncommon to tie into a 25- or even 30-lb. monster! Average sizes of Coho increase dramatically as the season progresses, and by the end of the month, Cohos in excess of 10 lbs. are common. Limit catches occur frequently. The weather is predictably nice!

July and August

July and August are two of Captain Terry's favorite months on Lake Michigan. This period features some of the best fishing in terms of quantity, quality, and variety. You'll take in the largest fish of the year, and some of the heaviest catches. The type of fish you'll catch include Kings (chinooks), summer run Steelhead, Brown Trout and Coho Salmon. Large Lake Trout are in abundance this time of year. The weather is generally nice, and the fishing is exciting. Kings and Steelhead are the target species, but on many days all five species can be found schooled together. The size of fish range between 6–25 lbs., with averages often between 12–22 lbs. July and August are highly recommended for trophy fish!


Temperatures on Lake Michigan are unpredictable. While the temperature at the dock might be 80 degrees, two miles offshore the temperature could be in the mid-60s! This is especially true in April, May, and September. Bring a sweatshirt, jacket, and pants just in case. You will need sun block or tanning lotion. Remember sunglasses and shorts for hot, sunny days. Rain jackets are recommended if there's a chance of showers. We do fish in the rain, so be prepared, and bring your rain gear!

In the event that I as your Captain determine the lake is too rough to fish, I will do my best to notify you ahead of time and reschedule your date. However, there may be days when this decision is made at the dock. Your deposit will be forwarded to another date.

Night Fishing

A night fishing trip is the most popular time to catch trophy-size King Salmon. We provide you with the best night fishing experience on Lake Michigan. Night fishing is a similar setup to daytime trips. Your odds of catching a trophy-sized King Salmon increase at night because this is when they're the most active. Equipment is provided, but you will still need to purchase a fishing license (available for sale on the boat). If you're interested in trying something new, this is the trip for you!

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